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We offer you the most competitive prices on the market

The Immo-Elite team has in its arsenal real estate and commercial lawyers, notaries, bailiffs, building inspectors, certified appraisers, a team of professional photographers and more. We do everything in our power to maximize your income and help you prosper by offering you the best rates on the market.

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Are you having trouble getting along with your tenants or are negotiations sometimes difficult?

Don't worry, Immo-Elite to the rescue!

We are often told, “Look, I’m having too much trouble getting along and negotiating with some tenants. Please help me. “This is understandable, as not everyone is an expert in negotiation or has the knowledge and skills to reach an agreement. It takes communication and negotiation skills that are acquired over many years of experience.

You can rely on Immo-Elite for your management needs because we have been in the business for over 18 years and safety, cleanliness and compliance with building regulations are very important to us! Our approach benefits all parties involved.

The proper functioning

Regulations are everyone's business

For all of our buildings, we have adopted rules of conduct for tenants based on their expectations, the particularities of the buildings and basic civility. In each environment, we want to maintain an atmosphere of tranquility, respect and good manners, to achieve unparalleled success.

We will make sure that all the rules of the building are respected.