A 5 star Immo-Elite service!

Here is a small idea of what we offer

We offer the following services:

  • Credit investigation of new tenants;
  • Tenant screening;
  • signing leases;
  • Lease renewals and rent increases;
  • We ensure compliance with the rules of the building;
  • the maintenance and repair of the building;
  • Snow removal from driveways and garages;
  • Eviction of delinquent tenants;
  • Profitability calculation and coaching to maximize your income;
  • The preparation of files for court;
  • The collection of rent;
  • Our team sends you a monthly review of the work done;
  • Preventive maintenance;
  • We are proactive for follow-ups on minor and major work;
  • Emergency services available 24/7;
  • The preparation of files and representation for the housing authority;
  • Negotiation with tenants;
  • And much more…

We are available for you, 24 hours a day

At all times!

Our building management team and janitors maintain your buildings on a daily basis according to a pre-established program and schedule. The members of our qualified construction team hold their cards.

Our workers have their plasterer, painter, electrician, plumber and carpenter licenses, etc. They intervene during major and more technical works.